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Supraja Vibhāgam (Fertility & Preconception Care)

Supraja Vibhāgam promotes health and prevents disease in women of reproductive age. Lifestyle invited disorders affecting physical and mental health of the couple especially women, can definitely have a role in increasing number of abortions, complicated pregnancies and fetal anomalies. Ayurveda emphasize some regimens for couples to get a healthy offspring.

Focus areas of Supraja Vibhāgam are:

  • Provision of ayurvedic interventions to the couples before conception for maximizing the gains for maternal and child health.
  • Recommended in women who experienced a prior pregnancy loss, family history of congenital developmental disorders, chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, those who are above 30 years (especially>35 yrs), below 20 years etc.
  • Screening and diagnosis of couples following 6–12 months of attempting pregnancy, and management of underlying causes of infertility/sub-fertility.


Consultation Fee: ₹ 200/-

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MS Ayurveda

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